Feb 8, 2011

Hacker and Cyber Crime

Criminal way pursued by the netter growt wide open with the existence of hackers who perform a variety of cyber crime, the crimes of burglary credit cards, spam, viruses, Internet and data destroyer. crime hackers are usually confronted with much how to update the browser, but it is nonetheless there are still gaps. The Internet is a vast sea of the contents of which various sorts, kinds crime level range, its benefits as well as various kinds as well.

Our data that we save should really clean from hands of hackers by providing key data for not meeting the collapse by the criminals. We all know many ways to keep data safe. And should we know also that we can not be separated from the name Internet. Away from the internet is part of a desperate, do not we stay away from the internet but we use as a means to explore and share information to other users
The cyber crime should continue to be monitored so as not to penetrate the business that we run on this day. Hackers steal contributed greatly in the news a secret by the owner, the main goal of hackers is to obtain data with withheld or can steal something that has value for money.

Global era is the era of information, information has a value price that is very expensive, as well as those who make information should be made accountable towards justice information. Although sometimes the truth is still highly subjective information from the manufacturer's own information please read mental illness

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