Feb 15, 2011

The More Cyber Crime

Carding is shopping using credit card numbers and identities of others, which is obtained illegally, usually by stealing the data on the internet. The name the culprit was Carder. Another term for this type of crime is cyber froud alias fraud in cyberspace. Of course this is done by people who have high technology capabilities.
As many as 20 percent of transactions over the Internet from Indonesia is the result of carding.

As a result, many online shopping sites that block the internet. According to the observing ICT Watch, who observed the world of internet agencies in Indonesia, the carder is now operating further away, to commit fraud through chat rooms on mIRC. The way the carder offering goods as if the results of his carding a low price on the channel.

Hacking is activity through a computer program owned by the person / the other party. Hackers are people who like open computer, have the expertise to make and read a particular program, and obsessed with watching the safety (security) it. Sometimes hackers provide news or news that the computer where you store the data can give way to others, then offer how to prevent it.

Cracking is hacking for malicious purposes. Cracker is the term for a black hat hackers. Unlike the carder that only credit card peek, peek cracker deposits of customers at various banks or other sensitive data centers to benefit themselves.
Although both through other people's computer security, hackers focus more on the process. Meanwhile, cracker more focus to enjoy the results.

Feb 12, 2011

Cyber Crime Parth 2

Cyber crime (cybercrime) more intense, along with the increase of Internet users, the average is taken as target novice Internet users, who used various kinds of modes in accordance with the expertise now want to do evil in cyberspace is. Like making a false document checks, credit card fraud, confidence fraud, identity fraud, pornography and other similar more crimes.

 Although cyber crime or cybercrime generally refers to criminal activity with a computer or computer network as its main element, the term is also used for traditional ciminal activity where computers or computer networks are used to facilitate or enable the crime occurred.

Examples of cyber crime where the computer as a tool is spamming and crimes against copyright and intellectual property. Examples of cyber crime where the computer as the target is illegal access (to fool access control), malware and DoS attacks. Examples of cyber crime as a place where the computer is identity fraud. While examples of traditional crimes with a computer as a tool is child pornography and online gambling.

Why increase?
Cyber crime increases, because the Internet more easily accessible, while Internet users have no interest. Crime on the Internet are beginning to play play, but because making money then these crimes continue to be crimes committed by professional people whose hearts are sick. The perpetrators have never known sin and wrong to others, they act on their own volition and their own benefit.

We must always be vigilant in dealing with cyber crime. Because there is no clear legal laws to prosecute them. Always be alert and pay attention to factors that lead to criminal acts such as this model

Cyber Crime

Internet brings many benefits but on the other hand, the Internet also have negative impact on the wearer. therefore we get some conclusions that depend on the mental users illness, users that have a criminal mentality will make the Internet as a tool to do crimes or so-called cyber crime

According to Edmon Makarim (2001: 12) crime on the Internet or cybercrime essentially is a criminal offense relating to cyberspace, whether that attack public facilities in private ownership atupun cyberspace.
The types of crimes on the Internet are divided into various versions. One version states that these crimes are divided into two types, namely crimes with intellectual motive. Usually the first type does not cause any harm and done for personal satisfaction. The second type is a crime with political motives, economic, or potential criminal enimbulkan losses even information warfare.
Other versions cybercrime divide into three parts, namely an access violation, theft of data, and dissemination of information for criminal purposes.
Broadly speaking, there are several types of cybercrime, such as the proposed Philip Renata in Warta Ekonomi No. BisTek supplements. 24th edition, July 2000, h.52 namely:
a. Joy computing, namely the use of other people's computers without permission. These include theft of computer operating time.
b. Hacking, namely access illegally or without permission by means of a terminal.
c. The Trojan Horse, the manipulation of data or programs by way of changing the data or instructions in a program, erase, add, make out of reach with goals for personal or private interest of others.
d. Data leakage, that is concerning the leaking of data to the outside, especially with regard to data that must be kept secret. Disclosure of computer data that can be a form of state secrets, the company entrusted to one's data and data in certain situations.
e. Diddling data, ie an act that changes the valid or invalid data in a way not valid, change the input data, or output data.
f. To frustate data communication or a waste of computer data.
g. Software piracy is software piracy of copyright-protected intellectual property rights.
Of the seven types of cybercrime such, it appears that cybercrime is the assault on the core content, computer systems and communication systems owned by others or the public in cyberspace (Edmon Makarim, 2001: 12).
The general pattern that is used to attack computer networks are gaining access to user accounts and then use the victim's system as a platform to attack other sites. This can be completed within 45 seconds and automate will greatly reduce the time required (Purbo, and Wijahirto, 2000: 9).
The phenomenon of cybercrime is to watch out because the crime is rather different from other crimes in general. Cybercrime can be done without knowing the territorial limits and not required direct interaction between actors with victims of crime. Can be ensured by the global nature of the Internet, all countries that perform Internet activities will almost certainly be affected by the development of cybercrime break even this.
News Kompas Cyber Media (03/19/2002) writes that according to AC Nielsen survey of 2001 Indonesia was ranked the sixth largest in the world or the fourth in Asia dala crime on the internet. Although not mentioned in detail what sort of crimes that occurred in Indonesia and Indonesians involved in these crimes, this is a warning to all parties to be aware of crime that has been, is, and will emerge from users of information technology (Heru Sutadi, Kompas, 12 April 2002, 30).
According to RM Roy Suryo in Warta Ekonomi No. 9, March 5, 2001 h.12, cybercrime cases that frequently occur in Indonesia at least three types based on the mode, namely:

Feb 8, 2011

Hacker and Cyber Crime

Criminal way pursued by the netter growt wide open with the existence of hackers who perform a variety of cyber crime, the crimes of burglary credit cards, spam, viruses, Internet and data destroyer. crime hackers are usually confronted with much how to update the browser, but it is nonetheless there are still gaps. The Internet is a vast sea of the contents of which various sorts, kinds crime level range, its benefits as well as various kinds as well.

Our data that we save should really clean from hands of hackers by providing key data for not meeting the collapse by the criminals. We all know many ways to keep data safe. And should we know also that we can not be separated from the name Internet. Away from the internet is part of a desperate, do not we stay away from the internet but we use as a means to explore and share information to other users
The cyber crime should continue to be monitored so as not to penetrate the business that we run on this day. Hackers steal contributed greatly in the news a secret by the owner, the main goal of hackers is to obtain data with withheld or can steal something that has value for money.

Global era is the era of information, information has a value price that is very expensive, as well as those who make information should be made accountable towards justice information. Although sometimes the truth is still highly subjective information from the manufacturer's own information please read mental illness