Nov 24, 2010

Factors of criminally

In sains of sociology, criminal caused with more factors has occurrence of crime, there is which from internal self of and factor external self also either environmental or social problems that support it.

If viewed from the perpetrator review from the side of his deeds, crime is divided into two factors, sometimes done in the light of the open form of the crime, and crime committed by illegal means such as murder and other crime.

The internal causes of which are caused by the lack of someone to control itself against acts that breach, it is caused due to low education and low belief in god.

While external factors are the main drivers of the growing crime in the world today;
1. Because of the influence of social circumstances that trigger error. Because the circumstances that triggered the conflict so that a person becomes aroused and easily offended. Usually this condition preceded the existence of class sentiment, related to ethnicity, race or religion

2. Because of the influence of chance, sometimes crime occurs not from a person motivated by personal desire but due to the opportunity of crime itself. Someone who has no desire to do evil but because there is a chance that crime instincts emerge, it is recognized as a natural thing of the human psyche.

3. Criminals former (recidivist) a person who never committed evil and opportunities as well as a strong influence can cause these criminals to recur and do it again. Given the punishment given was measured according to his ability

4. Criminality as a professional, there is evil crime that it was done by some professional people, example crime for overwrite pilgrim are like cyber crime, bank burglary over the Internet, and burglary important data state. Such crimes categories professional crime because crime is done by people who have high ability

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