Nov 6, 2009

Criminal overwrite pilgrims

Jakarta - indeed a criminal act can occur anywhere, including at the shrine, the Grand Mosque. Most candidates haji (calhoj) who experienced crimes were elderly.

"Most pilgrims who become victims of fraud and robbery older so easily deceived. Worse, the action of fraud and robbery committed by mukimin," said Chairman of the Special Sector Jamaa'ah PPIH Daker Wrong Way to Mecca, Ali saifudin in front of Gate Babu Salam Mosque in Makkah, Mecca, Wednesday (4/11/2009).

Perpetrators usually offer services to help the pilgrims who will perform Tawaf, Sai, and kissing the Black Stone.

Congregation of women, Saisah Tamiami binti Adnan Tjarsa (70) from Pekalongan, Central Java claimed weak as money lost. He also reported the missing money by 1,400 Saudi Riyal (USD 3.5 million).

At first, I was given Saisah he offered services led to the ablutions. At first she hesitated, but continued to convince people that, according Saisah eventually too.

Once up the escalator, the stranger said Saisah not allowed to bring bags to the place of ablution. Saisah ago
ordered way, but not for a while he looked back the man had fled. Saisah was panic and tell the police (Askar) at the Grand Mosque, which is then taken to the Special Sector officers Jamaa'ah Wrong Way.

Juwan Parta bin Parta also experienced the same thing. After tawaf, Juwan when separated from his entourage will make sa'i. He immediately approached by two men who speak Indonesian, and offered to help.

When asked was it about indentitasnya, Juwan and then opened the bag
search passport identity in question. That's when players are robbed of money in the bag for Juwan Saudi Riyal 630 (1.6 million USD) and the rupiah worth Rp 2.5 million.

Other robbery victim hit, Junarto pilgrims from Banten Kloter 4. He dikerjai 'pimp' Black Stone. 'Calo' is to persuade him to help him kissing the black stone Kaaba dipojokan it. Junarto also requested a fee of 4000 Saudi Riyal (USD 10 million). Because the claims do not have the money, the brokers were forced to pay the money himself sober.

While it reaches for his pocket, the brokers immediately seized cash worth Saudi Riyal 100.

Meanwhile, different again experienced criminal Nurhayati Lulu (40), assembly origin Kloter 3 Surabaya. He was sexually abused on Tuesday (3 / 11) night when Umroh worship.

"When the victim was sa'i, (sorry) ass held by Arab men, the victim had tried to move away but the players desperate to repeat his actions," said Ali again.

Victim then yelled for her husband who is at the forefront. After a stubborn, finally pinned actors Saudi Arabian security officers who were on duty at the scene. (

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