Nov 4, 2009

Murder case of commercial sex workers

Commercial Sex Workers), Vienna Lestari, on the localization of Sunan Kuning Semarang, the background is revealed after the suspect Agus Supriyadi (30) claimed to be hurt by the behavior of Vienna. Agus admitted, stabbing the first time performed at the waist causing the victim staggered direct victims. "I am pissed. The day before I come and 'service' is not satisfactory, "I suspect, when asked why cruelty to wring the victim's body. After the murder, added the suspect, convinced his arrival is not known by others, then he did not run anywhere.

In fact, the suspect confessed keep working at PT Cipta Wijaya Semarang Purwodadi Road, KM 19.5, Mrangen Demak.

Recognition was reinforced by the statement of Chief of Police of West Semarang AKBP accompanied Drs Sugihardi AKP Reskrim Garjita visible. According to him in recognition given, the suspect intentionally brought sharp weapons from the house of a bayonet.

"The knife used to kill the victims, dumped at the construction site Giant Mall, located on the east terminal Penggaron. Knife evidence, we find in the gutter, "explained police chief.

Chief of Police added the murder suspect description imitation, made when suspects are annoyed by 'service' provided victims. "In his statement, the suspect confessed to killing the victim because of irritation after double-booking to the victim, but disappointed," said Police Chief.

Only suspect
From the results of the investigation, Agus Supriyadi defined as the sole suspect homicide Vienna. Because of his actions, Agus threatened the death penalty. The suspect is known as a citizen Road Pasir Mas, II, Sub-District Stage Lor, North Semarang, entangled with the provisions of Article 340 of the Penal Code, Jo 338, Penal Code Penal Code 365 sub death penalty or life imprisonment.

"The suspect, arrested at their work places are located in Jalan Raya Semarang Grobogan km 19.5 Mranggen, Demak Regency, Thursday (6 / 11) at around 13:30," added Police Chief.

As it is known suspects arrested Agus seteleah officer who led the combined direct Resmob three officers from the Central Java Regional Police, each Iptu Suwarsono, Iptu Hendrik, and AKP Sugeng Wahyudi, do penyanggongan for three days at the company where tesangka work.

In addition to the suspect Agus, Semarang Police Force Reskrim West, until Saturday (8 / 11) morning, is also still doing checks on the information on Kustiyah Siti (25) citizen Mrangen, Demak Regency, which was suspected to be penandah handphone (HP) of victims Vienna carried away by the suspect.

Police Chief adds, Siti Kustiyah (25) intensively questioned the possibility of his involvement in the brutal murder of karaoke locations Berbie III, who was in Road Argorejo III, Kalibanteng Kulon, Kalibateng, Friday (24/10) and.

"Currently, we secured the decree as witnesses for questioning. If the inspection found the elements involved, then his status will be increased to a suspect," explained police chief. lek-yan (

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