Feb 12, 2011

Cyber Crime Parth 2

Cyber crime (cybercrime) more intense, along with the increase of Internet users, the average is taken as target novice Internet users, who used various kinds of modes in accordance with the expertise now want to do evil in cyberspace is. Like making a false document checks, credit card fraud, confidence fraud, identity fraud, pornography and other similar more crimes.

 Although cyber crime or cybercrime generally refers to criminal activity with a computer or computer network as its main element, the term is also used for traditional ciminal activity where computers or computer networks are used to facilitate or enable the crime occurred.

Examples of cyber crime where the computer as a tool is spamming and crimes against copyright and intellectual property. Examples of cyber crime where the computer as the target is illegal access (to fool access control), malware and DoS attacks. Examples of cyber crime as a place where the computer is identity fraud. While examples of traditional crimes with a computer as a tool is child pornography and online gambling.

Why increase?
Cyber crime increases, because the Internet more easily accessible, while Internet users have no interest. Crime on the Internet are beginning to play play, but because making money then these crimes continue to be crimes committed by professional people whose hearts are sick. The perpetrators have never known sin and wrong to others, they act on their own volition and their own benefit.

We must always be vigilant in dealing with cyber crime. Because there is no clear legal laws to prosecute them. Always be alert and pay attention to factors that lead to criminal acts such as this model

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